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Cuba Hospitality

My family and I stayed at an Airbnb apartment in Old Havana for 5 days. The 3 bedroom apartment included a kitchen with refrigerator, balcony and 3 bedrooms. The staff was very friendly and we enjoyed overlooking the balcony view and the close proximity to the dessert bar across the street in which we made countless visits to day and night! You can walk the strip with lots to see or you can grab a taxi. Our Airbnb host arranged taxis for us (by request). My favorite taxi driver/tour guide was Odeitty Sosa Prado. He gave us the real Cuba experience and went over and beyond to ensure that we had a memorable time. He spoke English very well and stopped us by Varadero where the ocean view was gorgeous. I would definitely recommend him as a taxi driver/tour guide

if anyone is interested his cell ph#53 52936725 and he’s on Facebook: Odeitty Sosa Prado. This Airbnb  was very safe as we traveled back to it on foot and via taxi often at night. This was one of my best trips ever!! #travel #cuba #vacay #beach #tourguide #besttripever #fashiononpurpose

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